The Dons of Tequila

Jose Cuervo Trip

For the past 20 years TFI has welcomed an audience of Jose Cuervo’s global distribution and on-trade networks to exclusive events in Mexico. Joining from a multitude of cultures, guests explore the brand’s two century cultural history and witness the intricate tequila production process. Each year we create an eclectic mix of unique, exciting and memorable activities delivering both education and entertainment, the overriding theme being a joyful immersion in the fascinating world of Jose Cuervo, ensuring everyone is bonded to the Jose Cuervo family. This constantly evolving itinerary and high-end service is made possible by our attention to faultless logistics –  each guest is provided with individual arrangements catering for different tastes, preferences and cultures, ensuring expectations are always superseded. The response of participants demonstrates the success of the event, with consistent reports of improved brand understanding and praise for the organisers with 97%+ satisfaction ratings.