Innovative global reward website

Herbalife EMEA Vacations

The annual Herbalife EMEA Vacation event is all about rewarding hard work and making people feel an important part of the Herbalife ‘family’. With the brief to provide a quick, easy and visually attractive booking process for the event, TFI created a complex, multi-lingual website and registration portal. The website efficiently registers groups from many different countries using 10 different languages and syncing with the various levels and categories that Herbalife uses to define and reward its’ sales representatives - recognising anyone as they log in, the website immediately places attendees in the right category, dates, group and room type. Each year, the whole site is redesigned to a high standard, reflecting updates in the event format and booking processes, and remaining fresh and completely on brand to each Vacation. TFI effectively becomes part of the Herbalife team, exceeding expectations and ensuring everything is run to the highest standards.