Festival of Financial Planning


The Personal Finance Society joined forces with TFI Group to create and produce the largest PFS event yet. A Festival of Financial Planning gathered 2,904 financial services professionals for a  brand new event in the world of Financial Planning. The PFS tasked TFI to produce an event, very different to anything in the past., with the primary objectives  to significantly increase their audiences and  to design an innovative programme relating to the future and reflecting the evolution of the profession.

Once TFI proposed the idea of  a Festival and  a plan for driving the delegates to behave as if they were at a Festival, the whole concept took off.  The event was a huge success and exceeded  all hopes and expectations. The number of delegates attending was larger and more diverse than any previous PFS event. There was a significant impact in terms of press and PR coverage and a social media  buzz that saw the Festival trending  on Twitter. 

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